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All about air kit
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All about air kit

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Explore some of the more interesting properties of air with this activity packed kit. How many breaths does it take to inflate a 2 metre (8 ft) Windbag? 70 breaths, maybe? Why even try? With a simple science secret you can amaze your students and friends by blowing up your Windbag in one breath! If you don't believe it, try this amazing science activity! Windbags are so light and strong that even the smallest scientist can demonstrate the amazing properties of air!

You want even more amazing air experiments. Try our Solar Bag! We guarantee you have never seen a Solar Bag like this! Our Solar Bag measures 15 meters (50 ft) long and 74 cm (29 in) in diameter. The thin, black plastic bag holds over 60 cubic meters (200 cubic ft) of air. Simply fill with air by running, tie off the ends, and let the solar energy of the sun heat the air inside the bag. Within minutes, the bag rises to the sky and floats like a giant science tube. Better tie it down or you'll be flying as well! We have provided 400 feet of Solar Bag String to let your Solar Bag fly high and yet still be able to bring it down when you are done with it.

What's Included?

The All About Air Classroom Kit includes supplies for 32 students working in groups:

  • 32 Windbags
  • 15 meter (50 foot) long Solar Bag
  • Spool of string
  • Rubber bands to make Windbag structures
  • Activity guide

How Does It Work?

Windbags - Tie a knot in the end of a 2 meter x 25 cm (8 ft x 10 in) Windbag and stretch it out on a smooth surface. Blow into the bag using the special science secret and your Windbag inflates with one breath!
Solar Bag - After rolling out the Solar Bag and tying one of the ends, you have to run around and fill the bag with air. Once it is full, tie the other end so that air can’t escape and watch the power of the sun at work! The solar energy will heat up the air inside the bag causing the molecules to move around and bump into all sides of the solar bag and make it rise! This is a perfect experiment to learn about the properties of air, buoyancy and convection. It's amazing science at work!

What Does It Teach?

Windbags - Use this air-mazing experience to learn about the properties of air molecules and how they move. Demonstrate the scientific principle called the Bernoulli Effect, which explains why you can blow up the amazing Windbag with only one breath! Expand your focus and use this opportunity to discuss how air pressure creates weather systems that move across the continents and how airplanes fly!
Solar Bag - Learn about the properties of air and air pressure. Discover the science behind density and buoyancy and how they are affected by heat.